Our Philosophy

"We follow a major rule in business; we stick to what we know."
- Ary Rosembaum

The large payroll firms in this country believe that retirement plan administration is a segue from payroll service. This is not the case as ERISA law cannot be amended with a simple correction on the next pay period. 

Retirement plans are highly structured tax entities. Clients need to have skilled advisors.

Our Management

The Stoller Company's approach is to lead by example. The principal managers believe in getting to know each client before building and adminsitering plans. Why? We are here to offer our expertise, but in order to do this we want to know our clients.

What separates The Stoller Company is the ongoing relationships we have. Building a personal long term bond is how we continue to grow and serve.

Our Team

The Stoller Company team is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in the retirement plan, administration, insurance and investment areas. We believe that growing businesses can take advantage of the many positive results that quality benefit programs can offer - large companies have been doing this for years, so can you.